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When presented with a would-be Pollock, Taylor performs the digital analysis and checks to see if the numbers jibe with those that have been computed for Pollock’s known work of a given period. Taylor’s analysis of the Matter collection suggested that the drip paintings were forgeries. However, in some related work, John Elton and Yang Wang of Georgia Tech; Jim Coddington, Chief Conservator at New York’s Museum of Modem Art; and I have determined that a generalization of fractal dimension, called multifractal analysis, may provide a more textured signature for the work. It’s significant that Taylor found a digital signature for Pollock. But what might be even more significant is that the art world paid attention to it, for this shows the art/science boundaries are continuing to become fuzzier and fuzzier. Presumably, this is just the beginning, although there will surely be artists whose work defeats a statistical approach. In the spring of2007, five teams of researchers will converge on the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam to present the results of a year-long study aimed at uncovering a digital signature for Vincent van Gogh. And other methods of this type of work are emerging. An interesting and very general approach to finding a style in any digital media is work of the Dutch information theorist Paul Vitanyi, whose analysis focuses on the information content (in a statistical sense) of the work. His media-free approach is one that allows any collection of numbers to be compared to any other, making possible the idea of comparing works of art to works of literature. Stylometry opens us up to a world in which we are defined by our digital trail-the words we write, the websites we visit, the pictures we store, summarized in a statistical fingerprint. We are our actions. How very existential.

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